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Federal Government Girls College Owerri • View topic - we nigerians are now a joking matter........

we nigerians are now a joking matter........

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we nigerians are now a joking matter........

Postby igoloa » Wed Feb 07, 2007 12:39 am

i was reading this on aol news and i read a part that wasn't pleasant at all. this is sooooooooooooooooooo not funny we Nigerians are now a laughing matter. see how some poeple spoil our names Nigerian scams is now the topic of the day on every TV station. not funny at all

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Postby Prince » Wed Feb 07, 2007 11:53 am

I feel your pain, Igoloa. Even though it is a one line zinger, it's enough to make any full blooded Nigerian pause a bit to think. But to whom does the blame go? Shall we blame those, many of whom have, or know somebody who has, been zapped? After all, they just tell the tale of woes and shame? Or do we blame our kit and kins, both here and across the pond, who have demonstrated, over and over again, their incomperable brilliance in fishing in somebody else's pockets.

The most remarkable thing is: we shout the loudest "praise the lord" or lay claim to the longest vocalized "allelujah" or dispense the greeting: "God bless you" as though it were going out of style, yet, those brothers and sisters of ours, who have made it a personal crussade to capture the "Victor Ludorum" trophy in the arena of crime, exhibit no trace of remorse, compassion, or even conscience, whatsoever. And neither does there exist any discernable indication suggesting their capability of acquiring such virtues.

Look around you. Is there any vice that we have not perfected and taken to new heights? I don't believe there's enough memory on this server to hold a list of our heartless endeavors. Having exhusted the numberless fronts we use to perpetrate our artful talent, we have no quams in dragging the priesthood into our net-casting repetoire. I marvel at the rash of storefront African Churches sprouting all over the place. Notice I said African not Nigerian, as this scam is not exclusive to Nigerians.
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