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Special Needs School in Abuja

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Special Needs School in Abuja

Postby chinelo » Wed Feb 03, 2010 8:42 am

Hi Ladies,most of u have no business reading this (praise God) but it is good to be informed anyway. Ever heard of Autism? Well i had but until shortly before now, i understood it to be one oyinbo children's ailments and like Dustin Hoffman in "Rain Man" i thought they always had savant skills. It took the diagnosis of my lovely godson to change my perceptions forever. After the shock came the real frustration - the dearth of information in the country. Oh there are loads of info online but none to help someone who suddenly has to deal with this in-country. There was little to go on after the diagnosis. Luckily we got the contact of a lady that ran a special needs school in Abuja.

The Zamarr Institute provides early intervention and programming to promote the success of children with special educational needs. In addition to that, they carry out awareness campaigns, trainings for teachers/carers/medical practitioners/parents,classroom support for mainstream schools with special needs kids,guidance and counselling for families.Stigma however is a huge challenge - families of affected persons are either in denial or do not want to associated with disabilities.

Please spread the word, autists and other special needs kids stand a good chance with intervention.
Check out their website - www.thezamarrinstitute.org
Physical address - 27 Libreville street, Wuse 2, Abuja.
Check their Facebook page for information on current events and activities.
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